Verwendung von Cookies

Cookies are tiny text files stored on the User’s browser when accessing to certain webpages to store and recover information on the browsing from that equipment. Cookies allow, amongst others, to store and recover information regarding habits and settings of the User.

TATAY uses cookies in order to customize and improve the User’s browsing experience, as they allow to identify and recall the User’s preferences, including his registry and browsing improvement.

The User can refuse to accept the cookies by activating the settings in the browser. However, by doing so, it is possible that the access to certain webpages or services of the Application is restricted.

TATAY uses within the App the following cookies:

  • Cookies strictly necessary in order to provide the services expressly required by the User and that may help for an improved browsing or to ensure that the content of a webpage efficiently loads; in case of disabling the cookies, the User may not fully enjoy of the established service and content.
  • Own cookies, which are those sent to the terminal equipment of the user from an equipment or domain managed by the own editor and from which the request service is provided.
  • Third parties cookies, which are those sent to the terminal equipment of the user from an equipment or domain that is not managed by the editor, but by another entity that processes the data stored by the cookies.
  • Analytic cookies, used to collect information about how visitors used the website, with the purposes of enduring a better service to the User.
  • Advertisement cookies, used to manage the advertising spaces based on different criteria as the frequency on showing ads.
  • Session cookies, designed to collect and storage data while the user accesses to a webpage.
  • Geo-localisation cookies: used to find out in which country or place the subject is when requests for a service. This cookie is absolutely anonymous and shall only be used to help guiding the content to a concrete placement.
Own cookies and strictly necessary cookies
Cookie Information(*) Purposes Information on the session’s unique identifier. Keeping information of the user’s session.
NetScaler Session’s load control on load balancers. Allows to improve the load of the nodes that provides service to the applications.
AutologinDomain Information on the user (user and password) on the product he’s browsing at. Used to allow access to other hired products from Wolters Kluwer, without entering credentials again.
CookiePDF Validation on the repository of Multimedia documents (avi, pdf, jpg,...). Controls the Access to the view of multimedia documents, included in the product. (pdf, rtf, gif, tif, avi, etc.) depending on whether the person browsing is a User or not.
BackSpaceIds Navigation history. Controlling the “back” button of the browser to show the webpages previously visited.
myCookie Encrypted password of the Wolter Kluwer’s products user. Allows the possibility not to introduce the password when accessing the product, if such option has been selected before.
Count (only applies to CissOnline product) Display of entrance pop up. Depending on the selected option by the User, shows the entrance pop up (welcome) to the product.

(*) The information collected through this cookies, referred to the User’s equipment, may be combined to your personal data only if you are registered in the App.

Third parties cookies
Cookie Information(*) Purposes Opt-Out
Analytics Nielsen Statistics on number of visits to a webpage, duration of browsing, types of browsers, etc. Collect and unify in statistic reports the traffic in every website and audience regarding some elements of the product. (for example number of clicks in a concrete advertisement campaign)
Google Analytics Statistics on number of visits to a webpage, duration of browsing, types of browsers, browsing statistics, redirections, search engines, referred sites, etc. Collect and unify in statistic reports the traffic in every website, overall audience, visits to certain webpages, tracking of clicks in a certain part of the webpage, etc.
ComScore Statistics for the investigation of markets marketing. Collects information regarding the type of site, activity and services offered in order to understand the kind, magnitude and quality of the audience.
Advertisement AdTech Frequency and topic of the advertisements. The stored cookies are used to save information on the kind of browser, operational system, date and time in which the banner was shown. This allows to measure the frequency of the display of the banners, and to report that information to the publishers.

The majority of browsers allow the user to modify the settings whether they accept or not cookies, and what kind. This settings can be found in “options” or “Settings” in the menu of your browser.

These are the instructions to set up the cookies within the main browsers:

In case of doubt or needing help, the User may directly address to us through the “HELP” Section, or the following e-mail direction:

Wir nutzen eigene Cookies und Cookies Dritter, um unsere Leistungen zu verbessern und Ihnen durch die Analyse Ihrer Navigationsgewohnheiten Werbung Ihres Interesses bieten zu können. Sofern Sie die Nutzung unserer Webseite fortsetzen, gehen wir davon aus, dass Sie den Einsatz der Cookies akzeptieren. Sie können Ihre Einstellungen ändern oder hier weitere Information erhalten.